Both cooling towers and evaporative condensers are two elements in the industry that are significantly affected by calcareous inlays. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out an effective water treatment to prevent any problem caused by scale.

In case of cooling towers, the inlays obstruct the sprinklers (sprayers) located at the top of the tower, preventing them from expelling the water properly. In addition to this, fillers and drop separators are embedded with lime, making their function totally inefficient.

Inlays in evaporative condensers also occur as in cooling towers in sprinklers (sprinklers) located at the top. Preventing water from dispersing properly on all tubes to be cooled.

On the other hand, the lime adheres to the tubes located under the sprinklers and prevents the optimal cooling of the liquid (water, ammonia, etc.) that is inside. This produces significant losses of performance that cause significant energy cost, since these inlays force the evaporative condenser to work longer.

The cost of calcareous inlays is at such rate that, with only 0.8 mm thick, the power consumed by the compressor is increased by 7% while the heat transfer capacity is reduced by 27%. As the thickness of the scale increases, the performance drops significantly.

The installation of IONCAL anti-lime scale equipment in the circuits of the cooling towers, as well as in the evaporative condensers, allow us to have completely clean installations of calcareous inlays, operating at full capacity and optimizing energy consumption to the maximum. In addition to this, the irrigation of Legionella in the facilities is minimized.

IONCAL technology equipments prevent the constant addiction of anti-incrustation products, with the consequent saving of money. Likewise, the useful life of the facilities is extended, as they are not affected by the corrosion problems caused by the anti-incrustation chemicals.