Leader in anti-scale treatments

IONCAL equipment offers an environmentally friendly solution for controlling lime scale in all types of applications by means of frequency signal technology.

IMPORTANT: The IONCAL electronic descalersdo not generate harmful electromagnetic fields, nor do they work like magnets. They are electronic equipments that generate frequencies capable of modifying the molecular structure of calcium crystals and leaving them in a non-embedding form. The technology developed by IONCAL has been applied for more than 25 years in different sectors obtaining excellent results over the years.

The most effective last generation descaler

Our water softeners demonstrate their effectivity every day They are economical, easy to install, maintenance free and without need for any chemicals. No need to cutting pipes.

“IONCAL progressively eliminates existing lime scale and prevents the appearance of new scale.”

The IONCAL water softener generates a signal that allows us to modify the structure of calcium crystals. With this modification we ensure that calcium carbonate does not adhere to the installation surfaces. Therefore, the lime will pass through the installation without adhering anywhere. Even Works with hot water.

“Thanks to the IONCAL water softener, the already attached lime will gradually come off until the installation is and remains completely clean.”


Municipal water electronic water softener

Hotel water softener

IONCAL has a wide range of water softeners specially designed for the protection of hotel machinery. IONCAL electronic water softeners are easy to install and do not require any maintenance.

Community water softener

The IONCAL electronic water softeners installed at the entrance of the residents’ association will protect the whole building up to the last house ecologically with the minimum impact on the environment.

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Municipal water electronic water softener

Municipal water electronic water softener

IONCAL water softeners prevent the appearance of new inlays in pipes and progressively eliminate existing ones without altering the chemical composition of the community waters.


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Agricultural water softeners

IONCAL electronic equipment in agriculture prevent scale. Protecting pipes, filters, valves and irrigation systems such as drippers, sprinklers, drip tapes, etc …

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Industrial water softener



These water softeners work without maintenance and with a simple installation process, they don´t need filters to have continuously be regenerated. Nor do they need a drain to pour salt-laden waters. This is because they are descalers without using salt. It’s not about magnets or anything to do with magnetism. Fully compatible with reverse osmosis and the equipment need very little space. Here we will show you how to calculate the best water softener for your installation and, if it is a domestic equipment we will also explain to you how to install it to protect your domestic appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, pipes and faucets). If after reviewing this page you are still not sure which water softener to buy, contact us. We will give you the needed information and advice without obligation and we will recommend the most suitable equipment for your installation.



Water softener for single-family homes

Water softener for single-family homes

DOMO water softener installed in the kitchen of a single-family home. In many occasions the space for the assembly of an electronic anti-lime is very reduced. In kitchens the pipes are usually not in sight and the intention is to make the most minimum modification of...


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