IONCAL affects the potability of water?
No. IONCAL limescaler do not change the chemical composition of water, keeping all mineral salts beneficial to the body. Therefore, if the water coming from the network is potable, your water will still be potable.
How long will it take to experience the benefits of the electronic water softener?
Once installed, the electronical descaler IONCAL will immediately inhibit the accumulation of lime.
Does it work with hot water?
Yes, IONCAL electronical descaler also work with hot water. Protecting gas heaters, electric water heaters, mixed boilers, etc.
Will it clean my installation?
Yes, IONCAL anti-scale agents have the ability to eliminate existing scale. The cleaning of the installation will be determined by the degree of embedding already existing in it.
The generated signal will soften the embedded lime and the water flow itself will be responsible for removing the embedded lime by taking it to the drain.
Will the removed lime cause obstructions?
No. Lime will dissolve in microscopic particles that are unable to create obstructions.
What will be protected because of the descaler IONCAL?
The descaler IONCAL once installed at the general water entrence of the house (after the counterclock) will protect until the last point of tube. Therefore we will protect all type of pipes, valves, faucets, appliances, etc.
Is there necessary any maintenance?
No. The electronic descalers as they do not have moving parts, they do not suffer  attrition and this is because there is not necessary any maintenance. Its consumption of electricity  does not exceed 4 euros per year.
How to verify that the equipment works correctly?
Verify that the LED is on. Clean the lime in any visible area and in case it reappears it shows the equipment is not installed correctly!
If you have any questions that are not clarified here, We would be grateful if you  contact us in order to help you and clear your questions!