IONCAL electronic softeners are electronic systems composed of integrated circuits that generate variable electrical potential signals by means of high frequency pulses, adapted to the different pipe dimensions and flow rates to be treated.

This energy is transferred to the water, through the pipe that acts as a condenser. It does not need any harmful substance to obtain excellent results and contributes with its simplicity of action to the conservation of the environment.

The advantages of IONCAL electronic antiscaling water softeners over all other antiscaling water treatment systems are absolute.

It is an electronic generator that produces signals of frequencies similar to those of calcium resonance, the generated pulses act significantly orienting the crystallization of calcium carbonate towards a non-encrusting form. Calcium is not removed from the water, but remains in suspension in the water. Limescale crystals are simply washed away with the flow of water in open circuits and by purging in recirculation circuits.

Thanks to IONCAL technology we transform Calcite calcium crystals into Aragonite. This removes the adhesion capacity of the calcium carbonate.