IONCAL agricultural softeners.

Inlays caused by lime in agriculture technology represent a serious problem for the efficiency of agricultural irrigation. After the application of the new technologies, consisting of irrigation facilities located to obtain the maximum hydraulic yields with the most minimum amount of water, calcareous inlays pose a serious problem due to the failures they cause in the different parts of the facilities. Causing this way in many cases important economic losses.

While it is true that filters or irrigation heads are being used for sediment retention, they do not solve the problems of calcareous scale. In most cases the inlays are formed along the network of pipes that lead the water to the drippers.

The installation of IONCAL agricultural water softeners offers an ideal solution to the problems of lime in different parts of agricultural irrigation facilities.

IONCAL agricultural softeners achieve excellent results without the need to add chemicals (acids) to water. For this reason they are ideal for organic crops where the use of chemicals is not allowed.

Pipe Protection

IONCAL agricultural water softeners protect pipes, preventing water flow from being reduced by reducing pipe diameters. IONCAL water softeners keep pipes clean, keeping them clean as at the first day.

Irrigation Filters

They prevent the filters (rings, sand, etc.) from constantly filling up and for this reason the irrigation has to be constantly interrupted for cleaning.

Dripper Protection

They keep drippers and irrigation pipes clean. Preventing them from getting stuck and causing production losses. Significant savings in labor due to drip cleaning, as well as costs, occurring by renewing kilometers of drip pipes and irrigation tubes.


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