Water softener for apartments or family homes

The most suitable softener for this type of installation is the DOMO model. This equipment is designed to meet the needs of a home and prevent scale in the entire installation. DOMO model household softeners are very easy to install and maintenance-free.
The IONCAL water softeners installed in the general water entrance pipe of the house, allow the entire installation to be protected against any calcareous encrustation.

They protect both the cold water circuit and the hot water circuit. Preventing lime from depositing in pipes and appliances, extending their useful life.

  • Easy installation
  • Without maintenance
  • Without chemicals
  • Without cutting pipes
IONCAL domestic water softeners will progressively remove the lime already embedded in your installation, leaving it completely clean after a few months.

The IONCAL range of domestic water softeners does not alter the chemical composition of the water

While it is known that traditional salt softeners alter the chemical composition of the water to the point of needing a reverse osmosis to be able to drink the descaled water due to the sodium content, the IONCAL domestic water softeners do not add any substance to the water that can be harmful to the body and allow it to continue drinking tap water.

Our water softeners do not need any maintenance, as they do not have parts that need to be replaced. Not periodic replacement of chemical products.

Thanks to the technology of the IONCAL water softeners, the performance of the detergents are improved, achieving a lower consumption and therefore obtaining an economic saving. Breakdowns caused by lime will no longer be a problem for your appliances.

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