Installation of an electronic water softener in a single-family home in the town of Benavídez, province of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

A salt-free, anti-limescale equipment that is installed on the roof of the house in order to avoid the serious problems of scale deposits that they were suffering from due to the hardness of the water in the area.

For the installation of the IONCAL electronic anti-lime, a section of PVC pipe is cut from which the installation is made in order to insert a metal section to which the equipment will be connected.

The metal section installed in this case is approximately 25 cm, although 15 cm would have been more than enough.

What is achieved with the electronic water softener by interspersing the metal pipe section with a PVC one is that we connect the equipment directly to the pipe. In this way, the pipe, being in direct contact with the water, obtains the best transfer of the signal to the water. In this way you will always obtain excellent results in the protection of your home against scale deposits.

In both images you can see the stainless steel clamps that are used to fix the terminals to the pipe. If the pipe had been metallic (galvanized or copper) it would not have been necessary to cut the pipe to connect the IONCAL electronic water softener. Reducing considerably the time of installation.