Hotel water softener

IONCAL electronic water softeners are the ideal solution for any problem caused by lime in hotels. They protect the facilities in a totally ecological way.

IONCAL has a wide range especially designed equipment’s for the protection of machinery in hotels. IONCAL electronic water softeners are easy to install and do not require any maintenance.

IONCAL electronic water softeners in hotels prevent the formation of scale in the entire installation. Installed in the general water inlet, it will prevent incrustation of lime scale in pipes, valves, pressure groups, hot water accumulators, glass washers, coffee makers, ice machines, etc.

IONCAL water softeners do not need any maintenance or periodic replacement of any product. They do not alter the chemical composition of water and therefore do not affect its potability.

They avoid significant costs in repairs, maintenance and cleaning caused by Lime.

Calcareous inlays in pipes are the ideal habitat for Legionella. IONCAL equipment eliminates inlays in the pipes, significantly reducing the possibility that Legionella is in its installation.

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