IMPORTANT: IONCAL water softener equipments are electronic devicesthat generate frequencies capable of modifying the structure of calcium crystals. These equipments do not generate electromagnetism, nor do they work with magnets. The technology developed by IONCAL has been applied for 25 years in different sectors obtaining excellent results over the years.



The IONCAL ELECTRONIC WATER SOFTENER for communities of neighbours prevent limestone incrustations in entire buildings, by installing it close to the counter, located at the entrance of the property. It needs very little space and does not require changing, cutting or modifying pipes.

The IONCAL water descaler installed in the entrance, generates a signal that allows to modify the crystallization of the calcium carbonate and leave it in a non-incrusting form, protecting all the pipes of the equipment installed from the entrance untill the house located on the last floor of the building. In addition to this, the technology employed by IONCAL removes already existing incrustations in the entire installation little by little until it is completely clean. IONCAL also protects household appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, water heater or boiler, etc.) in the home, thus contributing to a significant energy savings due to limescale deposits on the heating elements.

The water treated with IONCAL, as well protect all the pipes inside of a house, even if the equipment is at the entrance of the building. The signal generated by our electronic descaler got a range of kilometres, unlike magnetic systems, which have only a very short range.

IONCAL electronic water softeners do not use salt to prevent incrustations and therefore do not require maintenance. Additionally they don’t waste any water, as do traditional salt water softeners, which got a loose of hundreds of litres of water every day. Our technology is completely ecological.

IONCAL equipment do not modify the chemical composition of the water and therefore do not affect the potability of the water, since they do not add sodium to the water, unlike salt softeners. The water coming from a salt water softener should not be drunk, since during its procedure, a lot of salt remains inside the filters and this produces that the salinity of the water increase, making it undrinkable. In the installation of traditional salt water softeners it is needed the additional installation of a reverse osmosis system, to remove sodium from the water and make it drinkable again.

The advantage of mounting an IONCAL water softener to protect the entire community of neighbours are:


  • The life of domestic appliances and sanitary equipment will be extended. Especially those who work with hot water.
  • Energy saving by the work of all appliances in optimal conditions by having their resistors clean of lime scale.
  • Having one equipment of community, thecosts per house is much lower than buying an individual one.
  • The installation of IONCAL equipment does not require any installation work. Nor is it necessary to turn off the water of the building for installing.
  • The equipment requires only a yearly supervision once, to verify its proper functioning. They don’t need consumables to be periodically refilled and they don’t waste only one drop of water.
  • IONCAL electronic water softeners do not alter the chemical composition of the water or the taste. The water remains drinkable.
  • They remove already encrusted lime.

Request here the budget for your community without commitment and you will be able to present at the next community meeting a very interesting solution for your community about lime de-scaling.


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